All your commands are belong to us

Just been reading up on the supposed changes due to appear in the next version of Windows slated as ‘Windows 9′ from the tech news site,

The post isn’t the interesting part, but a comment I found I thought was bang on the mark making an excellent point regarding the state of play with change for change sake (dare I say?)

The comment in question is relating to Windows Server’s installation type of a full desktop or a command-line version:

Server core... that's sort of like some braindead version of the Unix CLI, right, with a bizarre "object oriented" shell with stunningly long command names like "Dump-Exchange-Mailboxes-Into-Trash-While-Converting-All-Excel2007-Files-To-PDF", right?

Had to chuckle to myself. The commenter was so right- I manage a host of Servers both via Desktop interfaces and CLI, Windows and Linux. The Windows ‘command-line’ interface is basically a whole bunch of that really are a baine to remember, let alone type the command in correctly without a spelling mistake!!

Microsoft 0 – 1 *INX. Microsoft should really just give up trying to compete command line with the *INX systems. Hands down, Microsoft sucks there.

Enough said.

Further reading:

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Your domain has expired

Well that was embarrassing!

Tried accessing my website and was confronted with a generic landing page full of advertisements. I thought I had been hacked…

So it is true what they say, in that if you don’t remember to renew your domain, it will actually expire. Silly rabbit for thinking that the hosting company would renew the hosting free of charge!

Moral of the story: remember to renew your domain, or tick the auto-renew.

Thank you. Here’s to another year of!

Server down! Server down!

It’s a sad news day today.

My server’s race for a year uptime has come crashing to the ground. No fault of a power cut, but an accidental flick of the power switch – Thanks to my darling children.

It’s not like I wasn’t prepared. I do have a backup battery, but unfortunately it went unnoticed for too long and the battery gave way.

$ uptime
 16:45:34 up 10 min, 1 user, load average: 0.12, 0.62, 0.40

Still, I now have the opportunity while it’s down to do some maintenance and upgrade it. Not all bad I suppose!

Maybe I’ll be back this time next year with happier news? Until then…

Change the editor font in WordPress

WordPress Logo

I’ve been switching around with WordPress themes and creating child themes. Unfortunatly, not all themes created modify the default editor style, so each change would break the editors font, which got quite annoying.. fast.

In an effort to change the font used in the editor in WordPress, it turns out that it is quite simple.

In the functions.php, insert:


Then, go grab a copy of WordPress’s Twenty Ten’s base editor-style.css and save in the current theme’s directory.

As far as the actual styling goes, make your changes to the editor-style.css with your own custom styles and you’re done!

Classic Windows Error (Take 2)

Following on from my previous post demonstrating Windows errors, I found a very interesting Windows 7 error message today. I couldn’t believe what it was saying, so I had to re-read it..

Windows error message

Amazing really, as for a second I thought I was still running Windows 95, but being asked to reboot after a week?? Crazy!

Well done Microsoft, quality craftsmanship once again. Yet another reason why to use Linux over Windows for a real live production server environment.

iOS 7: My First Glimpse

Ok, so I’ve just upgraded my phone to iOS 7 after holding off for a good few weeks after the official release, so I hope I don’t regret it.

Anyway, looking at the below shot of the home screen, it actually is warming on me now – or have my eyes just been burned out from the extreme colour variations Apple have used?


… I’m just left wondering who actually replaced Scott Forstall for UI and icon design? Looks to be either like a child has chosen these colours and drawn the icons, or Jonny Ive had found Steve Job’s stash of LSD?

Colours aside, the new version has brought along a whole bunch of much needed upgrades to the OS with refined functionality and features. Good job guys!


I’ve been working rather hard recently with the new job I landed last month. No time for updates to the site, not even to say ‘hi’.

I have though, forced myself to touch on a few back-end things here and review a couple of typos lingering in old posts I had found.

Come to think about it, while I’m here I will say Hi.