All your commands are belong to us

11 months ago

Just been reading up on the supposed changes due to appear in the next version of Windows slated as ‘Windows 9′ from the tech news site, The…

Your domain has expired

1 year ago

Well that was embarrassing! Tried accessing my website and was confronted with a generic landing page full of advertisements. I thought I had been hacked… So it is…

Server down! Server down!

1 year ago

It’s a sad news day today. My server’s race for a year uptime has come crashing to the ground. No fault of a power cut, but an accidental…

Time Machine – Reuse old backups

1 year ago

Following on from my previous antics with my Time Machine backup failing to find the destination, I am again faced with an error message, which at first glance,…

Change the editor font in WordPress

1 year ago

I’ve been switching around with WordPress themes and creating child themes. Unfortunatly, not all themes created modify the default editor style, so each change would break the editors…

Classic Windows Error (Take 2)

1 year ago

Following on from my previous post demonstrating Windows errors, I found a very interesting Windows 7 error message today. I couldn’t believe what it was saying, so I…

iOS 7: My First Glimpse

2 years ago

Ok, so I’ve just upgraded my phone to iOS 7 after holding off for a good few weeks after the official release, so I hope I don’t regret…


2 years ago

I’ve been working rather hard recently with the new job I landed last month. No time for updates to the site, not even to say ‘hi’. I have…

Nothing to say

2 years ago

It’s been months since my last post. Either I’ve got nothing to say or my real life is busy. I reckon the second one.

Tenpin Bowling Strike Mission

2 years ago

After taking over from an absent player while in the middle of a game of ten pin bowling, I got on a strike mission from round four onward,…